Picture by: Rtr. Jehan Gamalathge, Rotaract Club of Panadura

Panadura is a town in the Western Coast of Sri Lanka, south of Colombo. It is situated in the Kalutara District. Panadura is home to over 100,000 citizens and it is an emerging commercial town adjoining to the Colombo District with new facilities and infrastructure. The town was initially mostly a residential area which is now steadily becoming a commercial and merchant attraction due to the rapid development which takes place in the country and Panadura being one of the key access points to the Southern Expressway.

Panadura is rich with historic and cultural values. Panadura is a home to a majority of Sinahala Buddhists but also has a good blend of other religions and ethnicities as well. It is famous for the great debate in 1862 which is known as ‘The Panadura Debate which was the climax of the first phase of the Buddhist revivalist movement which began with the establishment of the Society for the Propagation of Buddhism at Kotahena and the establishment of the Lankopakara Press in Galle.


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